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Prof Dr M Ingelman-Sundberg

Professor Molecular Toxicology


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Pediatric Clinic

Karolinska Institute Stockholm

Prof Dr M Ingelman-Sundberg, PhD

Professor Molecular Toxicology

Dept Physiology and Pharmacology

Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden

E   Magnus.Ingelman-Sundberg<at>




Recent position
Professor of Molecular Toxicology since 1996 and research group leader in Pharmacogenetics at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology since 2006. Vice Chairman and Section Head.

Previous positions
Previous positions at Karolinska Institutet were Research Assistant in Physiological Chemistry 1976-1977; Lecturer in Physiological Chemistry 1977-1987 (appointed 1982) and Acting Professor of Physiological Chemistry 1987-1996.
Currently leader of a research group of about 15-20 people including 7-9 post docs/senior researchers. The research programme is focused on genetic and epigenetic factors of importance for interindividual differences in drug response and adverse drug reactions.

  • Education
    Civil Engineer, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 1975
    PhD in Physiological Chemistry 1975
    Docent in Physiological Chemistry 1977
    BSc. Med (med kand), Karolinska Institutet 1978


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